General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper

The 737 MAX 9 mockup at the 2012 ILA Berlin

Roll-out of the first Boeing 737 MAX in December 2015

Flight testing and certification

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 entered service with Lion Air’s subsidiary Malindo Air (wearing Batik Air Malaysia livery)

Grounding and recertification

The 737 MAX was grounded by FAA to allow its MCAS redesign

Production slowdown and suspension

The Brazilian low-cost carrier Gol was the first to resume 737 MAX revenue flight on December 9, 2020

Production ramp-up and recovery

Boeing’s new «split-tip» Advanced Technology (AT) winglet on the 737 MAX

Structural and other changes

Ryanair 737 MAX 8-200 flight deck

CFM LEAP engine nacelle with chevrons for noise reduction

737 MAX 7

A 737 MAX 200 of Ryanair with the extra pair of exit doors.

737 MAX 9

737 MAX 9 first flight on April 13, 2017

737 MAX 10

Cumulative Boeing 737 MAX orders and deliveries


Accidents and incidents

Aircraft of comparable role, configuration, and era

The 777X program was proposed in the early 2010s with assembly at the Boeing Everett Factory and the wings built at a new building adjacent to the Everett factory. As of February 2023, there are 363 total orders for the 777X passenger and freighter versions from ten identified customers and other buyers. The 777-9 first flew on January 25, 2020, with deliveries delayed multiple times and expected to commence in 2025.

Model at the February 2014 Singapore Airshow

Model presented in April 2018

Folding wingtip at the 2019 roll-out

The 777-9 should typically seat 426 passengers

The satellite antenna and sensors of an NOAA-NASA flight demonstrator, 2005

Testbed and upgrades

An MQ-9 taxiing in Afghanistan, 2007

Air Force

MQ-1 UAV Flight Crew at Joint Base Balad (LSA Anaconda), Iraq, 7 August 2007

A MQ-9A Reaper in Afghanistan, 2007

NASA’s Predator B, Altair variant

NASA’s Predator B, Ikhana variant

Homeland Security

CBP’s Predator B, Guardian variant

A British MQ-9A Reaper operating over Afghanistan in 2009

United Arab Emirates

Год первого полета: 2017

Boeing 737 MAX 9 (Боинг-737 МАКС 9) — представитель нового поколения среднемагистральных пассажирских самолетов Boeing 737 MAX разработки американской корпорации «Боинг.» Авиалайнер такие же размеры и пассажировместимость, как Боинг 737-900, но обладает гораздо лучшими экономическими характеристиками. Улучшения достигнуты за счет установки новых двигателей CFM International LEAP-1B, а также рядом новшеств в конструкции крыла и фюзеляжа.Коммерческая эксплуатация самолетов Boeing 737 MAX 9 началась в 2018 году, первым получателем стала индонезийская авиакомпания Lion. Кроме пассажирского варианта, также планируется создание самолета бизнес-авиации под обозначением BBJ MAX 9.Авиакомпании-эксплуатанты самолета: Turkish Airlines, Aeromexico, Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Flydubai


Основные характеристики самолета Boeing 737 MAX 9

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About the Boeing 737 MAX

Optimized DesignThe 737 MAX’s aerodynamic design – including advanced technology winglets that increase the effective wingspan – enhance its efficiency and contribute to significant reductions in fuel use and emissions.Bigger, better engineThe 737 MAX LEAP-1B engines are more efficient and quieter, with chevrons at the rear of the engine helping create a 50 percent smaller noise footprint than the airplanes it replaces.Profitably Serving New DestinationsWith increased fuel efficiency, greater range and lower operating costs, the 737 MAX creates profitable new route opportunities and supports affordable passenger service around the world.Research-based Passenger ComfortBased on years of research with passengers, the 737 MAX offers a comfortable cabin for passengers, with larger windows, energy-efficient LED lighting and sculpted sidewalls that enhance the feeling of spaciousness. Bigger bins open and close at the touch of a button and offer more space to stow carry-on bags.Advanced Flight DeckThe 737 MAX flight deck features four large displays, which are common with the 787 Dreamliner and 777X and enable additional operational capability, including a larger map that increases crews’ situational awareness.Designed for SustainabilityThanks to aerodynamic design enhancements and a more efficient engine, the 737 MAX uses 20 percent less fuel with 20 perfect fewer emissions than the airplanes it replaces. Each 737 MAX saves millions of pounds of CO2 emissions per airplane, per year, over older airplanes and the competition, helping airlines make air travel even more sustainable.

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